Domestric Manufacturing Production
Overseas Operations
Enbishi Aluminium Wheels Ltd.
Enkei Automotive Ltd.
Enkei Wheel Corporation
Enkei Foundry Corporation
Enkei Painting Ltd.
Enkei Metals Ltd.
Enkei Ace Ltd.
Enkei Relation Ltd.
Enkei Makabe Ltd.

Domestic Sales & Indirect Operations
Enkei Test & Laboratory Ltd.
Enkei Engineering Ltd.
Enkei Japan Inc.
Enkei Auto Activity Ltd.
Enkei Audit & Computer services Ltd.

Overseas Operations
Enkei America Inc.
Enkei America Moldings, Inc.
Enkei Florida Inc.
Enkei International Inc.
Enkei Thai Co. Ltd.
Enkei Thai Moldings Ltd.
Enkei(Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd
Enkei Aluminium Products (China) Co. Ltd.
Enkei Molding (Kunshan) Co. ltd
Enkei-Zhongnan Aluminium Products (Guangdong) Co. ltd.
PT. Enkei Indonesia
Enkei Philippines Inc.
Enkei Wheels (India) Ltd.
Enkei Vietnam Co. Ltd.
About Us
Enkei has been racing in top competition championships of the world for three decades. As a result of continuous improvement and technological advances, Enkei continues its winning tradition and constantly challenges new horizons in wheel technology.
Gat No. 1425, Shikrapur,
Tal-Shirur, Dist. Pune - 412208.
Maharashtra ,India.
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